ECP Covid Masking and Quarantine Policy

ECP Covid Masking and Quarantine Policy

(updated 8/25/2022)

We follow both the Snohomish County Health Department (SCHD) guidelines as well as the Organization of Parenting Education Programs (OPEP) guidelines when it comes to our policies. Per those guidelines we are allowed to set our own masking and quarantine policies for daily use.

Daily Mask Wearing

  • Mask wearing is now optional both indoors and outdoors per SCHD and OPEP guidelines


Travel Quarantine

  • All adults and children are encouraged to wear well-fitting masks after returning from travel for 5 days


Close Contact Quarantine Policy


On Day 0 after a positive test result, please contact your class coordinator and inform them which members of your family tested positive.

  • We need this information in order to report the positive case to the SCHD
  • Quarantine for 5 days
  • Test on Day 6
    • If positive, please continue to quarantine for another 5 days and repeat testing on Day 6
    • If negative with symptoms
      • Stay home until symptom free per the ECP Illness Policy
      • Retesting is recommended every 24–48 hours for 5 days after exposure
    • If negative with no symptoms
      • Two options for returning to the classroom on Day 6
        • They must wear a well-fitting mask at all times, indoors and outdoors, until Day 11
          • Please talk to your teacher about snack time during Days 6-11
        • They may stay home and return on Day 12


When in doubt, or have symptoms of any kind, please stay home so we are able to protect our families from needless exposure. Please refer to our ECP Illness Policy for a full list of symptoms.

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