ECP Covid Masking and Quarantine Policy

Updated 4/12/2022

We follow both the Snohomish County Health Department (SCHD) guidelines as well as the Organization of Parenting Education Programs (OPEP) guidelines when it comes to our policies. Per those guidelines we are allowed to set our own masking and quarantine policies for daily use. Remember, we are in a special situation because our children are unable to be vaccinated. Therefore we have stricter policies to follow.

Daily Mask Wearing

  • Masks are required to be worn inside the building including the classroom and gyms by all individuals age 5 and up.
  • All children under 5 should be wearing a mask inside for as much time as possible. However, we acknowledge that we are operating as a mask-learning environment. Masks are strongly encouraged for children ages 2-4, with the expectation that they’ll learn to properly wear and keep it on in indoor environments.
  • Masks are optional outside of the building and on the outdoor playgrounds.
  • As of now, 4/12/2022, the 2’s class is continuing mask wearing both inside and outside the classroom, except during snack time.

Travel Quarantine

  • All unvaccinated persons (children under 5) must quarantine for 5 days after they return from travel.
  • Vaccinated caregivers do not have to quarantine after travel.

Close Contact Quarantine Policy

  • When a close contact happens in class that class will quarantine for 5 days starting at Day 0.
    • Day 0 is the day someone in contact with the class tests positive.
  • Class may resume on Day 6 provided everyone is symptom free and no additional positive cases have been reported to ECP.
    • If additional positive cases are reported, the timeline is reset and we start at Day 0 again with another 5 day quarantine.


The policies below are given to us by the SCHD. They determine what positive individuals must do before they are allowed to return to class.

(re-confirmed 5/10/2022)

On Day 0 after a positive test result, please contact your class coordinator and inform them which members of your family tested positive.

  • We need this information in order to report the positive case to the SCHD.
  • Quarantine for 5 days 

There are two timeline choices available for returning to class

  • On Day 5
    • Test again
    • As long as the test is negative and the individual is symptom free they may return to class on Day 6.
    • They must wear a mask until Day 11 both outside and inside.
  • On Day 11
    • If the individual does not want to test on Day 5, they must stay in quarantine until Day 11.
    • As long as the individual is symptom free they may return to class on Day 11.

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