The Classes

Curriculum and activities are planned according to the age and abilities of the class. Each class develops their own personality and interest. Our teachers may introduce different activities or limit choices to work best with the personality, interest, and ability of the class. Parents also bring a wide variety of skills to the classroom, used to enrich the curriculum.


The basic layout of the classroom is consistent for all three classes:

  • A loft area offers an imaginative play center with a rotating theme, allowing children to act out different roles in a variety of everyday experiences while building community awareness. A house, grocery store, doctor’s office, fire station, post office, and more encourage kids to become part of their community and engage in application of the social skills they are learning. Turn taking, negotiation, compromise, and expression of ideas are regularly practiced in this area.
  • Small motor skills can be practiced at the playdough table, puzzles and games area, manipulative table, and through a variety of art activities. The writing desk also encourages kids to try a variety of desk utensils: pencils, scissors, and tape.
  • The block area includes several different sets of blocks for creative building. Miniature toy cars, plastic animals, a dollhouse, and train tracks are available for a wide variety of imaginative play.

Group activity takes place during teacher led circle times and includes books, songs, puppets, dancing, and felt board stories. Transitions are often accompanied by familiar music or through the use of a chime.

Our educators provide robust recess options.

This class is currently meeting at the Edmonds College Gateway Building.


2/3 Class

The 2/3-year olds class meets Monday and Wednesday. Snack is provided by a different parent each day and is rotated throughout the month. Each parent works one day per week, a buddy parent is chosen who works on the opposite day as a go-to person for your child. Please see the Home Page for a typical day schedule breakdown.

Teacher Patti provides a gentle pace where 2/3 year olds can gain confidence while learning. Routine is important at this age. The child’s job is to play, and they learn an amazing amount while doing so. Morning circle is a consistent routine and all activities are presented before the child “makes a plan” for the day. No field trips are held, however Patti organizes several on campus events including a pumpkin finding day.

3/4 Class

Through play the young children begin to develop a lifelong love of learning.  Playful exploration accompanied by some guidance from the teacher and parents promotes the development of social skills, emotional intelligence, scientific inquiry, literacy, mathematics, a variety of sensory experiences, dramatic play, drawing and writing skills, creative expression and large and small motor skills.  The majority of the class time is devoted to choice play.  Please see the Home Page for a typical day schedule breakdown.

The class meets outside the classroom for field trips most months of the school year.  We also enjoy bringing guests from our community into the classroom with new and different experiences.

4/5 (Pre-K) Class

To best prepare our children for the transition to kindergarten they are encouraged to be more independent and self-directed as part of the daily routine.  Pre-kindergarten and developmentally appropriate activities are included in all areas of the classroom, including choice time, small group and large group times.  Please see the Home Page for a typical day schedule breakdown.

  • Letter / sound of the week using Handwriting Without Tears (consistent with Edmonds School District)
  • Math activities and small groups including counting, operations, patterns, sequencing and geometry
  • Science, STEM and STEAM
  • Literacy drawing stories (consistent with Edmonds School District)
  • Second Step social and emotional curriculum
  • Brain Dance, large motor and fine motor work and games
  • Cooking enrichments
  • Field Trips to expand on curriculum, most months
  • Play! 45-55 minutes of choice play/work time each day!
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