What is the Edmonds Co-op Preschool?

Co-op is a shared learning experience for children and their parents/guardians. Our goal is to serve, not only as teachers to the children, but as a support system for the parent members.

By working in the classroom, alongside their children, the parent members are directly involved in the education of their children. Trained parent educators from the college supply additional support. They share their knowledge and suggested techniques during the required monthly parent meetings and are available for one-on-one discussions during class time. The interests, personalities, and experiences of the parents can be used to enhance the curriculum of the class.

Each family is required to have a representative attend the monthly parent meetings to assist with the business of the preschool, vote on preschool issues, be notified of upcoming events, and participate in parent education. During this parent education portion of the meeting important parenting topics are discussed. Members receive the support of their peers and educators while relating individual and shared experiences and challenges.

Parents also participate in the business of the preschool by electing a board comprised of members of all three classes. The board meets monthly to facilitate operations of the preschool and communicate with the college. Both teachers, and three parent educators sit at the meeting to offer suggestions, follow-up, perspective, and guidance. The meeting dates are announced and open to all members of the co-op.

The Teachers

Teacher Patti


“Spending my work days with bright, interesting, busy 2-3 year olds and their parents makes this the best job a person could ask for!”

My first exposure to the co-op model for preschool began in the ‘70’s when I attended a Parent Toddler group with my oldest child. The emphasis on first hand involvement in my child’s education, connecting with other Parents and having the rich resources of my child’s teacher readily available was the perfect fit to my early childhood education expectations. My experience with Co-op continued through all four of my children’s preschool years and when my youngest child graduated from the program, I “changed hats” and became a Co-op teacher at Edmonds Co-op Preschool! The 2014/15 school year will celebrate my twenty-second year teaching with Edmonds Cooperative Preschool!

Play is the work of children! I feel that facilitating that work (play) by allowing a child to work in their chosen area as long as they wish during free choice time, communicates a belief that they are doing what is most important on that day, for their growth and development. Consistency and routine to the preschool day help the child with separation and trust, instilling a sense of sequence to tasks such as hand washing, toileting, selection of snack seating and circle time.

I feel privileged to be a part of this time in a child’s life as they grow and mature from toddlers to preschoolers. My hope and belief is that each individual who participates in our class will have fun, learn new ideas and feel respected regardless of their age!

Ms. Margo

3/4’s & 4/5’s

“I love cooperative preschool.  The community that is created in each class and in the preschool, as a whole, is such a wonderful thing to be a part of.”  

I am passionate about play!  Children do an amazing amount of work while they are playing.  I support this play through observation, scaffolding and open-ended materials.  The curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate practice, specific learning objectives and the children’s own interests.  We all learn best when our natural curiosity has been sparked, and children are no exception.  Each year we will incorporate one or more projects into our curriculum plans and learning.  I love books.  We work on “reading” wordless books, book reading skills and story components.  The kids love to act out classic stories or have other drama experiences.  In the PreK 4’s class we also incorporate drawing stories.  (David Matteson)  I’m also an art teacher.  Preschool art should be open-ended and exploratory.  The kids enjoy trying out new art mediums like oil pastels, soft pastels and liquid watercolors.  Math and scientific inquiry are a big part of our classroom every day.  Many of our curriculum themes have a science foundation.  We sing, dance and/or play instruments every class.  And finally, we incorporate the Second Step social / emotional learning in both classes.  The children and I learn how to live in our community and world together each day.


Suzette J.


“Both of my daughters have attended the co-op and I couldn’t be happier with our experience.  It is a great community of amazing teachers and parents!”

Erin G.


“My son and I have had a wonderful experience at Edmonds Co-op. I can’t wait to come back with my daughter.”

Devon H.


“Co-op friends are forever friends.”

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