Edmonds Cooperative Preschool is a private non-profit preschool, however we are fortunate to have a wonderful space in an Edmonds School District school. In part because of our location, we follow the Edmonds School District non-school holidays and school closures.

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The School

Edmonds Cooperative Preschool (ECP) is a safe, nurturing, child, parent, and community focused program that encourages each child and participating family to develop and learn at their own pace.

Edmonds Co-op Preschool is located in the Alderwood Early Childhood Center, nestled within a residential neighborhood at the edge of Lynnwood, Washington. Led with love by long time teacher Patti Baughn and Ash Kono, ECP offers numerous physical, cognitive, and social opportunities consistent with early childhood development beliefs.
ECP is a non-profit organization affiliated with, and supported by, Edmonds Community College, the Inter Co-op Council, and the Organization for Parent Education in the state of Washington. Adult Co-op members are registered with Edmonds Community College and earn parent education credits.
We are excited about our school and our program. We invite you to contact our registrar for information and/or to schedule a visit!
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The Classes

2/3 Class

Teacher Patti provides a gentle pace where 2/3 year olds can gain confidence while learning. Routine is important at this age. The child’s job is to play, and they learn an amazing amount while doing so. A typical class day would follow the approximate schedule below.

Free Choice Time | Opening Circle | All Areas Open - Free Choice Time | Clean up | Large Motor (outside or gym | Hand Washing | Snack | Circle Time & Good-bye

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3/4 Class

Teacher Ash supplies an atmosphere where 3/4 year olds can enjoy developing new friendships while learning how to share and respect one another. A typical class day would follow the approximate schedule below.

55 Minutes-Welcome, Choice Play, Small Group | 5 Minutes-Clean Up & Jackets On | 25 Minutes-Outside or Gym Play | 5 Minutes-Hand Wash | 20 Minutes-Snack | 25 Minutes-Gathering Time

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4/5 Class

Teacher Ash offers several activities each week coordinating to the Letter of the Week. Creating stories, simple projects involving the letter of the week and counting activities are often incorporated. A typical class day would follow the approximate schedule below.

20 Minutes-Lunch | 10 Minutes-Gathering Welcome | 55 Minutes-Choice Play In Classroom | 10 Minutes-Clean Up & Jackets On | 25 Minutes-Outside or Gym Play | 15 Minutes-Small Group | 15 Minutes-Gathering Time

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Open enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is underway, sign up today!

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